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Jonesing for sweaters

Wedge + Red + Sneakers = FANCY!


Yesterday was errand day, so I threw this kicks on!

Wedge sneakers are my new casual fave. I was out all day and my feet did not hurt a bit!


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FALL PREP – Back to Bizness…

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AOBF August Looks


I love living in a four season city like NYC. Sometimes the simple process of swapping sandals for sweaters makes you feel like you acquired an entirely new wardrobe! I love that feeling…

But adjusting e very September to the morning chill is something I will NEVER get used to!

Here’s some summer outfit pics from late August that I never got around to posting…. shall we reminisce¬†about balmy nights and the smell of suntan oil together?



Mondays suck (especially the one after Daylight Savings Time), so I tried to add some brightness today.









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I’ll be meeting one of my BFFs for early drinks at a wine bar, then rushing home to bring in 2012 with the fam!


#HappyNewYear #2012BringItOn