Fancybelles & Fancybeauxs

You know that feeling when you wear a new pair of shoes for the first time? Tossing your hair when you walk out of the salon? Finding something fabulous you forgot about in the back of your closet?


That’s the Art of Being Fancy.


Art of Being Fancy is about inspiring, challenging and showcasing every day fancy! Whether it’s a remix of an old outfit, a great steal on a coveted item or just trying something new you saw in a fashion mag, it’s all AobF. It’s the special feeling of knowing you look good.


Be sure to check out the entire site:  there’s Miss Fancy’s LOOKBOOK , you can  ASK MISS FANCY about where  got it, what to wear & how to style it. There’ll be great features like #AOBF tips, Fancy@Work – tons of #fancy. Then send me your FANCY LOOK OF THE WEEK submission to show your #fancy.



Make every day fancy,